Lila Rose | All The Beauty [audio]

Lila Rose claims to have an "ultrasound sensitivity", which is kind of like those "super tasters", who can't drink any booze except for mead (ed note: gross), and make those retching histrionics any time they accidentally eat cilantro, except it's with your ears and not your tongue. Apparently it's like a simultaneous curse and gift, but unlike those taste bud super humans, the rest of us get songs like this from Toronto-born, but California citizen, Lila Rose.


Expression being a fundamental human quality, it should come as no surprise many artists find a voice through graffiti. For Mediah, one of Toronto’s pioneer artists, his work is intended to have a spiritual aspect. “You’re supposed to feel it on the inside; it’s supposed to give something to you.” Experimenting with different mediums is what inspired his pseudonym. In his early work, he thought he could do graffiti with any medium, on any media.


“Researching and considering what people are making and what’s going on out in the world and putting together a thoughtful argument that tells a story, gives a certain point of view or suggests something by bringing together artists and works.” That’s Syrus Marcus Ware’s definition of curating. As a visual artist and community activist, the Torontonian was definitely interested in being an artist and went to school to study art history, grow his own practice and incorporate activism through his creative process.

Coleman Hell

There must be something in the water, because it seems like everyone wants a piece of Coleman Hell these days. It's been a giant 2015 for the Toronto-based, Thunder Bay-bred singer, with his banjo-fied house pop banger "2 Heads" having racked up millions of listens on Spotify and nuzzled up to other radio hits on both sides of the border.