B.A. Johnston | No Frills

With the opening track on his new album Mission Accomplished called “As I Am in Tim Hortons, I Realize I Hate Tim Hortons”, it’s definitely safe to say that B.A. Johnston is the most unique and to-the-point musical artist out there. Armed with his facial hair and distinct, hilariously honest attitude, Johnston is releasing his ninth full-length album and once again doing an extensive Canadian tour, which runs until the end of November. ION’s Music Editor Trevor Risk chats to him and finds out more.

The Darcys | Itchy Blood [VIDEO]

Do you remember the first time your parents let you stay home without them? Did you concoct a drink out of 7Up and chocolate chips and then dare your younger brother to drink it? Did you frantically search the house for stag mags, trying to see if there were boobs SOMEWHERE in your home? The Darcys' new video for "Itchy Blood" takes every viewer back to a time we can all relate to, and as a bonus it stars two ball-hurtingly hot women who are styled to dreamy perfection.

Aaron Li-Hill | Layered Meanings

To make good art is to stir up not only a sense of awe, but it is to accomplish an expression of beauty that also contains a message. Art can be inspiring; it can be mesmerizing; it can be disturbing; but most importantly, it can be bewildering. Some artists focus their attention on one of these factors, eliminating the others, subconsciously or otherwise, in their process.

TessAnger, TeenParks

Tess Parks and Teenanger are two of our favourite acts, not just out of Toronto, but anywhere. We smashed them together because we wanted to play God. They interviewed and took photos of each other and this is what we got. “There’s peanut butter in my chocolate! There’s chocolate in my peanut butter!” Together they taste like this.