What better way to inject love into a sprawling concrete jungle than to physically manifest it across the city. That’s what artist and designer Matthew Del Degan did four years ago in Toronto, when he created Lovebot. Part of the Love Invasion movement, Lovebot’s aim is to evoke a sense of  wonder, community, compassion, and warm fuzzy feelings in the hearts of people around the city, and we vouch for the fact that it works!

Valery Gore | S.O. [VIDEO]

Valery Gore's new video "S.O." from her LP Idols In The Dark Heart is incredibly minimal, but brimming with so much intimacy that it's almost too voyeuristic... too personal... and it's gorgeous for being so.

Idols In The Dark Heart is a total DIY effort of gorgeous avant-pop. Valery has constructed everything on her own from her self-shot photography to the this very video. 

Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics

Fashion and politics—not a duo that you’d usually pair together. But looking back in history, fashion has been used as a powerful medium for expression, and that’s exactly what the Design Exchange’s Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics exhibition focuses on. In partnership with Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker, the exhibit spans six decades, with 200 pieces that have ignited political awareness, and simultaneously dictated style through the decades.

Riot Fest Rocks Toronto

Riot Fest rocked through Downsview Park this past weekend in what was a muddied yet festive event. First off, kudos have to go to the organizers of this third Toronto incarnation of the event, that began 10 years ago in Chicago as a small punk inspired music festival alternative to other larger events. The past two versions took place at the smaller Fort York site in downtown Toronto, a place easier to get to, but with limited space for stage set-ups.

Grolsch Open House | Brendan Canning

We here at ION hope you all had an amazing Bill Murray Day yesterday and that you got a chance to see some amazing screenings and our Creative Differences event at the Grolsch Open House. But what’s on the menu for today you might ask? Tonight from 6pm to 8pm, Brendan Canning kicks off the party with a DJ set, along with a live, public silk screening experience. 

Grolsch Open House | Lowell

Lowell is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Her music, an odyssey from electro-pop to indie rock, from fierce to sultry, is coupled with honest and empowering lyrics that aim to challenge and inform, on subjects ranging from sexuality to abuse to women’s rights. And while her lyrical content is intelligent and heartfelt, it doesn’t mean it isn’t undeniably catchy and danceable. Her newest album, We Loved Her Dearly, is due out on Arts and Crafts on September 16th.

Grolsch Open House | Reuben and the Dark

Calgary's Reuben and the Dark is a collection of five multi-instrumentalists and vocalists led by Reuben Bullock. The group, known for its haunting folk anthems and introspective lyrics, explores the duality of human emotion—from dark and brooding to positively euphoric. Their soaring vocal harmonies, whether experienced on record or live, always have a lasting effect on their audiences.