The Gaze | Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre

Established in 1982, Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre is the only artist-run media arts center supporting all forms of media art in Atlantic Canada. Concentrating its efforts in promoting the development of media and contemporary art, the gallery offers exhibitions, artist residencies, screenings, artist talks and lectures, performances and public workshops.

The Gaze | Gallery 44

Founded in 1979, Gallery 44 is a non-profit artist-run center for contemporary photography. "Committed to photography as a multi-faceted and ever-changing art form," the establishment's original mission was to create a supportive environment in which one with a photography practice could develop. Today, Gallery 44's mandate is to provide a context for reflection and dialogue on contemporary photography and its related practices.

The Gaze | Eyelevel Gallery

Eyelevel Gallery, a Nova Scotian non-profit, and charitable organization, is not your typical art gallery. Founded by female artists under the name Inventions Gallery in 1972, the space changed its name to its current one in 1974, alongside opening its membership to include male artists.

The Gaze | The Voice From Point Douglas: A Community-Led Photo Voice Project

Created in partnership with North Point Douglas Women's Centre in Winnipeg, "The Voice From Point Douglas: A Community-Led Photo Voice Project" is a strength-based approach exhibition put together by nine female artists. Presented at the Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery, the show presents photographs produced through a participatory research project.

The Gaze | Get Born Art Show

An art magazine for skateboarders, Get Born strives to document and recognize small instances of genuine passion and innovation that remain in the skateboarding industry. The "Get Born Art Show", will provide a hot spot for the work of eight exceptional artists hot on the underground skateboarding scene in Chicago.