Sunshine | Showering With Wine [video]

You probably didn't think that when you woke up today you would get to watch Batman and Superman get drunk and make out, but alas, that is exactly what you will see in Sunshine's new video for "Showering With Wine". "Showering With Wine" appears on Sunshine's self-titled debut record due February 26th. With appearances by Sune Rose Wagner of the Raveonettes, John Collins of the New Pornographers, Woodie Taylor of Morrissey and Hayz Fisher of The New Values.

EXCLUSIVE | Woodpigeon "Edinburgh" premiere

Thumbtacks + Glue is Woodpigeon's first full-length since February 2010's Die Stadu Muzikanten, but the past three years have been anything but quiet with the release of two unofficial full-lengths, Balladeer in October 2010 and Diamonds this past September, to coincide with a North American tour supporting Patrick Wolf, along with multiple EPs and single.

Select[ION] | Show Stoppers

Can we all finally admit that going to shows is actually kind of the worst? Wanna get some merch? Be prepared to have to hold onto it all night, looking like a sucker. Oh you’re in a hard seat theatre? You’re gonna have to listen to seven different sad Magnetic Fields fans shout out something about their wedding song or Peter Gabriel being a dink. Sorry, you’re in a club? Enjoy those sightlines. Your feet hurt, your shoe is full of someone’s spilled beer, and you’ll have to throw some elbows to win a spot in a taxi when it’s over. It’s a complete drain.

Martha Wainwright | Come Home To Mama [review]

I always thought the Wainright family would be good fodder for a Canadian sitcom. You have Loudon - the hilarious hippy anti-parent, Rufus - the teenage gay stereotype (see Ricky from My So Called Life), and of course Martha - the busty/headstrong/glue-that-keeps-the–family-together daughter. Every week we could tune in and watch their turbulent love lives unfold, mixed in with a little musical hi-jinx. This shit has Gemini written all over it. Maybe they could also solve crimes?

Everyday Music Project

We came across the Everyday Music Project just recently and thought that it was definitely worth sharing. Started by Vancouverite, Rod Matheson, the site explores all the music that Rod can find/hear/know over 1000 days, and he is posting one new song by a new artist every single day until he reaches 1000. Some of the videos are shot at live shows and others are shot in random spaces, but there is definitely something for everyone on the site.

Sunshine | "Arnprior" [audio]

Sunshine began playing songs sometime in 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. When they played, the guitars would get a little louder, the vocals a little fuzzier and the drums a bit faster. The five-piece quickly found they were happier when they got together. The songs contradict the fact that their hometown of Vancouver spends the majority of the year covered in a gray cloud canopy. Their songs provide Sunshine.

Select[ION] | Pissing The Night Away

Pissing the Night Away. You ever had to pee so bad your back teeth are floating and your front teeth are all “Anchors Away!”? Our mostly beloved (and sometimes despised) DJs are busy drinking beers and keeping a party going, and generally don’t have a party catheter attached. Truckers use empty bottles, moviegoers use potato chip bags, infants use diapers. DJs? They use the longest tracks in their collection giving them enough time to relieve themselves. ION asked a few of our favourite selectors to share their secret, go-to track when they desperately need to siphon the python.