Mark Eitzel | Don't Be A Stranger [review]

My favourite part about listening to boring music is that I can turn it off whenever I want. But when you’ve been asked to review said music, then it becomes a much more challenging task. I found myself drifting away from actually paying attention to the record, and more thinking about what the hell I was going to write about. I mean, the album isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. It’s just, there. It sounds like almost every other solo effort ever written.

Music Review |The Zolas-Ancient Mars

Vancouver locals, The Zolas, could quite possibly become the next di-cephalic ensemble to reach the masses with their Siamese sounds. On their most recent recording, Ancient Mars, the keyboard/guitar driven Zolas hit their stride like Secretariat catching the last furlong at Steeple Chase. Their melodies are somehow bouncy and sexy at the same time, and find perfect pockets within playfully dark swordplay between punchy piano riffs and jangly guitar.


It’s summertime, and in the summertime there isn’t much better of a spot to spend the afternoon than the ballpark. I mean, the beach is generally the first suggested, but have you ever seen what happens at the beach after dark? Just a reminder, they don’t clean the sand. The ballpark is probably the only place where you can be outside while drinking beer and shouting at the top of your lungs. And the more you do both, the more people cheer you on.

EXCLUSIVE | Gentleman Reg "Make It Better"

Gentleman Reg has a flair in everything he does, and it is no different with the release of his latest long-player called Leisure Life, which is being rolled out as a series of three EPs. The EPs are being released digitally through Heavy Head Records, the first EP, "Leisure Life Part 1", was released on July 3rd, and now we have the exclusive release of "Make It Better" from the second EP, Leisure Life Part 2.

Chin Injeti | Peoples Mixtape [audio]

We love a mixtape, and lucky for us Chin Injeti has just done one. The inspiration for this project, the people that inspire Chin and the people that he inspires. With features from David Banner, Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, The New Royales, Bishop Lamont, Jasiri X, Moka Only, Shad, Maestro, Skratch Bastid, Kyprios, Chace Infinite, Krondon, Zaki Ibrahim, as well as two young rising artists from The Hastings Set; Sophia Danai and Omar Khan, this mixtape has pretty much something for everyone.