GRAPES OF WRATH | High Road [review]

I didn’t expect much before listening to this new Grapes of Wrath album, High Road. I was forced into learning about the Grapes of Wrath when my sister-in-law gave me a shirt autographed by all four members from the early nineties. My knowledge of them is still cursory at best, but I have a deep appreciation for their album Now and Again. High Road has quite a bit in common with Now and Again. The songs here are strong, have dynamics, but are very overproduced.


General Dome scratches an itch as it pushes, pulls, and intrigues throughout its duration. Inspired by motorcycles, homemade instruments, warehouses and railroads, to call it a “curious ride” seems fitting. The project is somewhat genre defying, but familiar at the same time. Lead vocalist Arone Dyer delivers perfectly sensual and confident melodies that stick to your brain, while the music is equally confident in its spasmodic arrangements, exploding with purpose around every corner.


This year we are celebrating 10 years of ION, and we have decided to kick it up a notch. Instead of just doing the party in Vancouver, we have decided to take the party on the road, so to speak. We will be in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and we are pleased to announce that our friend, Robert DeLong, will be joining us in all three cities.

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The term “indie pop” is an awful thing, innit? To me, it brings up connotations of smug twenty to thirty somethings drinking tea and talking about all of those books they were “into” during university. But, once and a while, a band like Veronica Falls comes out and gives the genre a whole new meaning. Replace the tea with whiskey and replace the book talk with a perfect melody/harmony combo and you’ve got Veronica Falls: indie pop for generation-self-aware.


In high school, kids that didn’t want to go to the pep rallies for football games would all go to the cafeteria to hang out. I get the distinct feeling that if Golden Grrrls would have ever shown up to such a gathering with their gear in hand that they would’ve really turned that mother out. This record is bouncy and fun like a well proportioned woman in a bathing suit, but it also has a certain peacefulness and sophistication to it - like if Ladybug Transistor ever got into partying.

The Shilohs | The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go

With Valentine's Day only a week away, we've all got that one emotion on our minds whether we're taken or single: Love. Thus it only makes sense that The Shilohs infatuation-filled new indie pop record So Wild is out this week in anticipation of the holiday… whether they planned it or not! So Wild contains that jingle-jangly sound of out-and-out indie rock-ness that is the air that this Vancouver-based band breathes.

Richard Thompson | Electric [Album review]

I should have known that Richard Thompson would be a musician that held a special place in my library of music, his father was a Scotland Yard detective. I have listened to Richard since his debut with my favourite group Fairport Convention. This is the man that gave us "Meet All On the Ledge", and "Crazy Man Michael" two great examples of electric folk.

Bleached | New album and tour dates

On the heels of three well-received singles comes Ride Your Heart, the debut album by LA band, Bleached, out April 2 via Dead Oceans. Sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin match their ability to blend a mix of freewheeling '77 punk with vintage sunny Southern California melodic rock and roll; creating blindingly bright hooks and dark heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, and the crazy fun moments in between.

Robert DeLong | Global Concepts [video]

ROBERT DELONG was raised in the suburbs of Seattle and headed south to Los Angeles with a toolbox of Wii-motes, keyboards, and drums to develop a live rock show. Having performed his genre-bending songs since 2010, DELONG uses MIDI interfaces, a full drum set, drum pads, keyboards, laptops and game controllers, looping his music live to fuse electronic dance beats with striking melodies and lyrics with emotional heart. He is releasing his debut album Just Movement February 5th.