The New Values | The New Values album review

Let's start with the obligatory music-review laboured metaphor: The New Values are a three-pistoned engine of Thor-like hammering and weird attitude, powered by blood, sweat, and spit (sorry, tears! Maybe on the fourth album, once they all have kids). This sounds gross, I know, but it's actually awesome. After a few years of gigs they've finally released a 12" that manages to do the impossible, (okay...the difficult), and catches some of that excessive live energy. And, then they named it after themselves.

Culture Queer | You Bummin' Mr. Drummond [video]

Cincinnati's an interesting place. You don't find this kind of thing in Canada's Cincinnati; Sarnia. Tim Willig, Cincinnati's man-about-town, is the Queen City's source of many late-night laugh-riots, and Culture Queer's video for "U Bummin' Mr. Drummond" is impeccable in it's timing today. I think I'm going to find myself a Nudie Suit, a 6-pack of Hudepohl, and a boom box... time to dance.

Turbo Fruits | Butter [album review]

When you hear someone yell, "My girl is a motorcycle and I'm a motorcycle man!" from behind an assault of awesome guitar noise, pretty much the only appropriate response is "Fuck yeah, you are!" Turbo Fruits don't sound like they're the happiest guys in the world, there's a healthy dose of melancholy on Butter, but that melancholy is exercised with such raw energy and lack of self-seriousness that it creates something incredibly fun and cathartic. Turbo Fruits are my favourite kind of rock music: loud and aggressive, but still goofy and never mean.