Tik Tok | So Fresh & So Clean

Jake “TikTok” Johnston is a multi-disciplinary creator from Victoria, BC. He’s known artistically as TikTok—a name that originated while trying to pass the time in what he calls “the lethargic realm of the high school classroom,” where doodling was his saviour. While people often think of artists as individuals whose creativity is manifested through passionate bursts of inspiration that are transferred to canvas or wall, this usually isn’t the case.

Landeau Flowers

Want to spoil someone special? Or even yourself? We recommend these, big time. These elegantly packaged, beautifully arranged, and vibrantly coloured roses have a whimsy feel and European flair. Landeau sets out to create a unique, updated experience on the age-old expression of sending flowers, and to create a simple yet luxurious brand, bridging the gap between the traditional gesture and modern ecommerce.


We all know that Vancouver is now home to the inspirational TED talks, but there’s also the lesser-known TEDx series, too. This years TEDxVancouver event is the fifth edition, and the largest in history. Taking place on October 18 at the Queen Elizabeth theatre, TEDx is an independent, self organized event, with leaders from varying fields and expertise, including business, philanthropy, academics, sports, music, theatre, technology, architecture, advertising, and marketing.