ION Magazine and Grolsch are proud to present the fifth installment of CREATIVE DIFFERENCES, a series of interactive art competitions where teams of artists compete against each other for 2 hours of live painting on large canvases. The guests determine the winner of the competition, and the prize is $1000 in cold-hard-cash. Creative Differences started in 2014, with parties in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Lush | Feed Your Face

Fall is here and Lush wants to make sure your skin is getting the proper nutrition it deserves with three new face masks that will leave you feeling fresh from cheek to cheek. Full of fruits, natural butters, clays and the world’s finest essential oils, these new additions are the first of many more to come in the Lush face mask family. 

Ardillas United Shop Truck

Shopping online is great, but shopping from a truck—and a beautifully designed truck at that—is a little bit more magical. And that's what childhood friends and Ardillas United co-owners, Karolina Jasinski and Kora Pridy, have just done. Originally launching their online store of eclectic and fashionable clothing and home accessories in June 2014, now a year later they have branched out and opened a mobile boutique in a former Doritos truck that they loveably call 'Beastie.'

Ladyfrnd Premieres "Strange Days" Then Breaks Up

When you're as prolific as Peter Ricq, globetrotting with Humans, and your side project, Gang Signs, sometimes something has to give, and in this case, it's his side-SIDE project, Ladyfrnd, who, with Friday's release of the appropriately named "Farewell EP" have decided to pull the pin. Mixed by Vancouver's plucky producer du jour, Jason Corbett, the Farewell EP doesn't do much to twist the overall sound of the act before it exeunts, but it does build upon an enjoyable oeuvre before the final bow.