White Lung | Deep Fantasy [ALBUM REVIEW]

Vancouver punk trio White Lung’s third album, Deep Fantasy, sees the continuation of the group’s accessible ferocity. While the band is as thrashy as ever, this album sees them exploring new emotional depths. This is shown in standout track “Lucky One”, where front woman Mish Way addresses a sense of pride vacillating into a need for validation.


'CREATIVE DIFFERENCES Presented by Grolsch + ION Magazine' is an art series party that includes an interactive art competition. Vancouver hosted the first of the series with artists from Leonid Rozenberg and The Specials, Hot Art Wet City, and Sexy Bizness. The art teams had two hours to complete a mural that represented Vancouver and the winner, chosen by a panel of judges, went home with $1000 in cold-hard-cash.

Pink Mountaintops | Get Back [ALBUM REVIEW]

Most people know about Stephen McBean's Black Mountain—the Vancouver psych rock band—but it is Pink Mountaintops, McBean's more traditional rock'n'roll outfit, that deserves the praise this time around, with the release of their new album Get Back. Put your razor away, and don't worry about sending those jeans through a wash cycle. Light up a smoke and crack open a Banquet, because this is summer bar rock in its finest form.

Eliza Faulkner

A line embedded in both West Coast elegant sportif and European couture, Eliza Faulkner is a one-woman brand with a difference. Launched two years ago upon returning to Vancouver after interning with Erdem and Roland Mouret in London, Faulkner launched her ready-to-wear collection for the modern woman. Designed and made in Vancouver, and on Vancouver Island, her designs are made primarily from linen and wool, with a focus on shape, form, colour and functionality.


Natasha James and Cohen Landherr pride themselves on having polar opposite personalities. But, their vision for their newly launched brand JAMES KOHN could not be more in sync. A shared passion for minimal cuts, high-quality fabrics and minutely crafted details brought these two youngsters together. Expect an entire line of t-shirts for guys and girls who are looking for timeless pieces that make a statement on their own.

Wolf Circus

What’s Wolf Circus you ask? Started by Fiona Morrison while still in university in 2011, Wolf Circus is a collection of drool-at-the-mouth jewellery pieces that we want to get our hands/necks/ears/wrists on, really rather badly. Started up after Morrison noticed the attention and conversation a single piece of jewellery could garner, she launched a bold, bright and raw collection, which does just that with eye-catching designs, quality stones and raw diamonds.


We are in love with this local Vancouver street artist’s work so much that we couldn’t help but slot him into our Of The Month for Issue 90, even though we heard about him a while ago. iHeart, helped along a little by a small viral push by Banksy (the irony is certainly not lost considering his concentration on social media), has been leaving his inkings and etchings all over the city of Vancouver for quite some time and is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Nocturnal Workshop

This West Coast brand hails from Vancouver and makes tech-heritage inspired backpacks and accessories from 3M reflective material. The Nocturnal Workshop backpacks are designed by artisans in Vancouver and Seattle, and with slim silhouettes and minimalist designs they are perfect for the commuter and the urbanite. NW collections come in various colours and even include an all over black reflective backpack.