Naked founder, Joel Primus, came up with the idea for his “undergarment” business while filming a documentary in South America. Not your average way to create an eco-friendly brand that makes you feel “naked.” The 24-year-old Canadian has since turned the idea into a product sold in over 114 locations across North America.

Army Of Rokosz

Created in the spirit of nineties nostalgia, Vancouver based jewellery line, Army Of Rokosz's latest offering, “Wild Lovers & Midnight Riders,” is a collection inspired by watching the moon cross the sky, not sleeping till the sun comes up, star-crossed lovers, and always having a good time. Designer and creator Andrea Rokosz puts her touch in every piece; carving, casting and fabricating the bronze and silver by hand in her studio.

London Alexander

We’ve noticed an abundance of impressive, young men’s designers here in Canada, and Vancouver’s London Alexander is leading the way for these entrepreneurial, multi-faceted males. Born and raised in Squamish, BC, Alexander’s fashion bone itched early when he began designing T-shirts in high school. Since then he has produced five men’s collections, all as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, with classic tailoring, Pacific Northwest influences, and are of course, made in Canada.

Facts | Nerves

"Nerves" is the new single from Vancouver's Indie-Electro outfit, Facts. The first released song off their upcoming EP, landmarks the end of a busy year in the Canadian music scene, and the beginning of creating a new sound that reflect Facts' persona in a new dimension.

Capture 1.0

From October 1st to November 15th, Capture Photography Festivalan ambitious not-for-profit lensbased arts festival celebrating Metro Vancouver’s renowned photography scene—is launching with more than 50 exhibitions at museums, galleries and artist-run centers with public art installations and multi-platformed programming throughout the city.

Bear Mountain | High Times

The star is most definitely on the rise for West Coast band Bear Mountain, whether they have time to sit back, bask, and properly acknowledge it or not. And with all the hard work they put into their music, visuals, production and tours, it’s not only easy to see why they are receiving such deserved acclaim, but also assuring to see such innovation and dedication rewarded. I mean, they have a creative director who turns their music into images in real time on stage. What’s not to love! We asked Grady Mitchell to speak to and photograph Bear Mountain on behalf of ION.

FOCUS | Alan Chan

“I started shooting back in 2010 as a hobby. I loved the idea of being able to work with a team and create something amazing through images. Creativity was lacking in my life, and my day job at the time, so I treated photography as my way to escape. Ever since my first shoot though, I have met a lot of great people who have helped me along the way to become the photographer I am today. 

TLGLTP | Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party

I’ll be honest: I listened to this album on my way to eat a burrito, while on my way to put stuff in a storage unit … by myself. I don’t think this is the most appropriate context to listen to it. The name of the outfit says a lot about the music. It’s probably perfect if you’re hanging out with topless women, gay dudes, and X dealers. That said, I pray by my bedside every night that I might spend my life constantly in the midst of such a menagerie.