Prospekt Supply

Launched online a few months ago, this Canadian founded, NYC-based brand, Prospekt Supply, may seem to be in infantile stages, but they know exactly what they’re doing already. Based on the oxymoronic principles of luxury and simplicity, Prospekt Supply’s pilot launch is their Product No. 1: Windbreaker, an exclusive, versatile and wearable limited edition jacket available online.

Deniz Merdano | +90

Moving to a culturally foreign land is something a lot of people can relate to, as is the worry that by doing so, we will somehow lose touch with our “former” selves. With that concern at the forefront of his mind, and in celebration of Turkey’s ninetieth year as a Democratic Republic, Turkish-Canadian, Deniz Merdano, created his book +90, a striking collection of photographs taken in Istanbul and the village of Babakale, during his first visit to Turkey after arriving in Vancouver four-years prior.


FATE debuts its first sustainably designed fashion collection, and we have the exclusive premiere of their lookbook before it goes live later today with the launch of FATE's online shop. The collection features up-cycled vintage and garments made from surplus material by designer Sarah Gourlay in Vancouver.

Gitana Outfitters

Gitana was born a year ago, after a road trip to California that founder Laura Wiet took with some people she met on Craigslist. After a creative, unusual, and photography filled trip, Wiet returned home and founded Gitana—meaning “gypsy” in Spanish—which created itself organically as a creative outlet, melding her love of travelling and fashion.