Kandle | In Flames [ALBUM REVIEW]

Blending blues and rock like singers of yesteryear, Kandle’s latest release further separates the young Canadian singer from the pack. With the release of In Flames, Kandle is cementing herself a place within the Canadian musical landscape. Her voice is haunting on “Demon” and “Gimme A Pill”, which set the tone for the album early on. Closing my eyes while listening, I can see a smoky bar with a band playing in the back.

Rad Hourani

Hailed as the first Canadian to enter the realm of legends, Rad Hourani is lining up next to some big names with his invite to become a member of Paris Haute Couture. Celebrating his five years in unisex fashion, the Phi Centre in Montreal, will welcome Hourani as guest curator for the entire month of November.

Fresh Paint Gallery | Alpha-Bête: Can't We All Just Get Ensemble?

It may be cliché, but art is a universal language. It speaks to everyone, transcending the boundaries of culture and tongue, and appeals directly to the heart and mind of the individual. It unites people. Perhaps this is why Montreal stands out as a city of artists. In the largest bilingual city in North America, the pervasive presence of art, from street to gallery, seems particularly relevant, as it promotes expression, understanding and unity in a place where things sometimes get lost in translation. 

Frank & Oak

We hate to break it down into such simplistic, teen terms, but Montreal’s Frank & Oak are just, cool. They make us ION females want to be men, or at least hope they start up a women’s collection soon. Sold exclusively online, they design, manufacture and sell an individually curated collection of menswear each month.

The Fine Line

Where do the worlds of fine art and tattoo art meet, if at all? Is it in the art itself, or in the artist who creates it? What came first, the chicken or the tree falling in the forest? Apparently, having some experts clarify things wouldn’t hurt. Two artists, Krista Bursey and Joel Conroy, talk to Karyn Gray about their art, both fine and tattoo, and whether there’s really a line dividing them.