#tbt Video | Da Gryptions - The Bixi Anthem

Overheard someone asking when the Bixis will be back in Montreal. (Answer: generally, April 15th.) Of course, for many, including yours truly, it's impossible to talk about Bixis without immediately getting Da Gryptions' 2010 gem "The Bixi Anthem" stuck in your head. If you've never heard it before, YOU'RE WELCOME! Happy #tbt!

Photo: Da Gryptions' Facebook page.

Video of the Day | IRIS - Follow Me

The premiere of singer/songwriter IRIS's video for "Follow Me" was released earlier today by The Wild magazine, where the Spanish born Montrealer reveals that it's her tribute to the late David Bowie, specifically for his iconic lead role in Jim Henson's cult classic The Labyrinth, her all-time favourite film. We're digging the video's eerie and surreal aesthetic. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Wants & Needs | Kayleigh Peddie

Kayleigh Peddie, the Montreal based Lingerie and swimwear designer, pulls inspiration from her love of 1980’s hair metal for her latest collection called "Vixen". The collection offers a front lace up sheer mesh bodysuit, front lace up sheer mesh bra, variations of garter belts and high and low waisted thongs. Available in black, and for a limited time it will also be available in red, for Valentine's Day. These handmade garments are a great way to spice up your wardrobe and the bedroom. We particularly love the "Robbie Bodysuit" (pictured here).


From Montreal’s Marc-André Giguère’s artist standpoint, not only is art curating changing its definition or reason to be, but so are the arts. “The arts don’t have the same reason to be nowadays. We see it differently now. There was a time when artistic movements came one after the others and we would discover something new with each period of time. I think today isn’t so much about that anymore. It has mainly come down to styles.”

Dire Skate | the state of skate in Montreal

The Montreal skate community is huge. We all know that back in the day most cities were totally intolerant of skateboarding -- harassing, fining, even arresting skaters – but in many places, this attitude has changed, giving way to free public skateparks, legalization and a new attitude towards the sport and lifestyle. So why is the city of Montreal so behind the times?