Elephant Stone | The Three Poisons [ALBUM REVIEW]

It isn’t often that I consciously think about how well an album is curated. It happens once in a while, where upon the first few listens, I become acutely aware of how well the first song flows into the second and that gets you ready for the third, and by that point you’re totally aware of what the band is trying to convey to you. Elephant Stone’s recent output, The Three Poisons, hit me in exactly this way.

Heart City Apparel

Walking around Montreal, you will likely be struck by two ubiquitous details: its street art, and its homeless population. This contrast of beauty and desperation inspired Matt Dajer, a recent McGill University graduate, and his team to start Heart City Apparel. This start-up sells clothes designed by artists that give back to the homeless in their cities.


Franco-phone a friend because it's time once again for the Emerging Music Festival (FME). In its twelfth year this seasoned vet of a music machine is here to deliver a wide array of musical acts to shove in your ear and eye holes. With 65 acts spanning a myriad of different genres from symphonic pop (Rich Aucoin) all the way to metal (Ghoulunatics), there's something for every music fan. Hell, there may even be a dog in a tutu riding a unicycle with a theremin.

Pablo Aracena | Graphic Difference

Pablo Aracena, a.k.a. Pax Arts, a Canadian of Chilean origin, came to Canada as a youth with his family in the late 1980s. Immersed in hip-hop music and culture as a kid, he would spend hours drawing graffiti sketches and characters. He pursued a degree in Art and Design, and eventually, his passion for graphic design combined with his interest in street wear. This led him to discover the medium of screen-printing and to create his own custom T-shirt line, Artcore Clothing.

Stunt Brings Toronto To Montreal

You are walking down the street minding your own business and suddenly, two people come up to you and ask you questions like, “How many subway lines are there in Montreal?” or “At what time do bars close in Montreal?” Would you know the answers? A handful of lucky people actually did! As their reward, they were given one hour to get ready and jump on an Air Canada flight for an all-expenses-paid trip to the fabulous city, courtesy of Tourisme Montreal.

The Art of Skate

Why does skate culture boast so many artists, and how does the skate world influence their art? Karyn Gray chats to three artists to talk about skate, art, and the relationship between the two.