Capture 1.0

From October 1st to November 15th, Capture Photography Festivalan ambitious not-for-profit lensbased arts festival celebrating Metro Vancouver’s renowned photography scene—is launching with more than 50 exhibitions at museums, galleries and artist-run centers with public art installations and multi-platformed programming throughout the city.

FOCUS | Alan Chan

“I started shooting back in 2010 as a hobby. I loved the idea of being able to work with a team and create something amazing through images. Creativity was lacking in my life, and my day job at the time, so I treated photography as my way to escape. Ever since my first shoot though, I have met a lot of great people who have helped me along the way to become the photographer I am today. 

FOCUS | Lily and Lilac

What’s the best way for young female photographers to make it in the competitive fashion industry? Dive right in and follow your dreams, say twin sisters Lily and Lilac, high fashion photographers making inroads on the scene. They decided to do just that and leave their native Montreal for Toronto to live and work in the heart of Canada’s busy fashion district. 


J.F. Mailhot has been a professional photographer for the last 10 years, as well as the co-founder, creative director and publisher for five years of the now defunct CRUX “Art of Life” magazine. Involved in high-level sports when he was younger, he developed an interest in sports photography, which is where the concept of CRUX was born. As his career and passion for publishing took shape, he explored and expanded his interests in a variety of spheres: fashion, product, lifestyle and event photography. A self-taught, D.I.Y.